Visual design system for Swell Investing's iOS app aiming to bring about positive change through investing.

Visual Identity System


Swell Investing

Animated illustration and iconography created for the Swell Investing iOS app. I worked closely with the Swell product design team to establish a visual design system that captured the inclusive and playful tone of the Swell brand. The animations were developed using Airbnb's Lottie technology for high-quality animations with ease of implementation.

As Art Director at Swell, I set out to design a visual system of illustration and iconography to sit within the app with the goal of easing communication and user conversion. Finance is a particularly dry topic and our team sought to alleviate those connotations and present a platform that was light, inviting, and fun.

The illustrations were developed with three main goals in mind: present an experience that felt inviting and inclusive to our audience of young investors, simplify complex financial concepts, and develop illustrations that were inclusive and representative of our audience.



Design Lead
Yasmine Molavi

Product Design
Cristina Stutz
Keaton Herzer

Visual Design
Michael Traquair

Art Direction, Illustration, Animation
Chris Arellano